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As I sit here, amidst the soft and constant sound of the water flowing and leaves rustling, my feet tucked comfortably inside the warmth of my blanket, on my last evening in Mussoorie, I look back upon my past month spent in the welcoming arms of the queen of hills – paharon ki raani , Mussoorie🙂 To be precise, this beautifully-lit fantasia has been my not-so-humble abode for the past month. Located around 10 miles from the town center of Mussoorie in “Bungalow Ki Kandi”, the Zostel Mussoorie is hidden away just right within the curves of the never-ending mountains. I still remember the first thing I thought when I got down from my cab after numerous twists and turns down the winding roads of Mussoorie on my first evening here.. “Magic!”I almost had the harry-potter music playing in the back of my head when I laid my eyes on…

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