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So we have a date… see you then! 😉 There’s no human who doesn’t get at-least one butterfly in their stomach when they hear these lines 🙂But living in a metro city comes with the inconvenience of having one too many option to choose from, in hangout-places, in movie theatres and in restaurants! Both a boon and a curse.So with valentine’s day around the corner, to save your precious time I am compiling a list of most beautiful and quaint cafés in the town which will definitely give you and your loved one an unforgettable experience. 1. Cafe D’hide, Koramangla Starting off with the one place that looks like a scene from a dream you once had while you dozed off on a happy summer day. This place is truly a hidden gem in the heart of Koramangla. Once you enter this small and cozy café, your eyes will be…

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