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Christmas! O the merry times! The chilly weather, the festive colors, the smell of fresh-baked fruit cakes..don’t we all love Christmas! Agreed, it’s not a festival originated in India, but since when do we differentiate! Almost every bong-originated Indian like myself has a fond memory of visiting St Paul’s in Park Street or standing in queue in front of Nahoum’s for that perfect plum cake during Christmas 🙂 Since I moved to Bangalore I have felt a void, a yearning for the colors, the madness that overcomes my “city of joy” during these days. So this time I decided to go on a quest to find the best bakery in Bangalore which has passed the test of quality over the time and has’nt compromised on it’s taste! (see-what-I-did-there!! 😉 ) With a little help from my friends who are born n brought up in Bangalore I made a list of…

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