If Confinement was a choice

If Confinement was a choice


This word has driven us nearly crazy since a few months now.

Who would have thought! None of us could ever imagine in our wildest dreams that something right out of a sci-fi movie would come true and all of us humans, almost all over the world, will have to remain confined to our respective abodes for not just a few days or weeks, but for months……….

It has become a nightmare for many. Our attempts to stay positive and productive are falling short and we are losing morale as we stretch out into indefinite-ness and uncertainty.

I personally feel what’s bothering us the most is the fact that we don’t know when this confinement will end. Even the people who are imprisoned know how long it’s going to be that way.
But currently none of us do.

I can say this since very recently I had chosen a complete confinement for myself for 31 hours in a moving train, willingly 🙂 I am going to share that experience with you..

A few months ago I needed to travel to Delhi from Bangalore to attend a friend’s wedding 🙂
Now normally, a person would choose to board a flight and reach the destination in less than 2 hours! But me being the curious soul that I am, had an uncontrollable urge to find out how does that train-ride, that slowing down of reality, that sitting quietly beside a window and reading a book feel like while the world moves past you.

And so I booked a Train ticket. A first-class ticket of Duronto express which promised to take me to my destination with utmost comfort and hospitality, in 31 hours.

It costed me 6133 INR, food and tax inclusive. Read on to find out if it was worth it.

On the designated day I boarded my train and the journey began. Since it was 11:40 pm already dinner was not included for the first night. I made my cozy little bed and went under the covers with a book in my hand and excitement in my heart.

The moving bed 🙂

As many of you must have experienced, travelling in a train at night has it’s own beauty. Whether you pick the upper berth or lower, you have your share of fun! Sleeping on lower-berth means starry skies and sleeping on the upper-berth means being rocked to sleep as an adult 😀

As for me, I chose the upper one and before I could think much, I fell into a deep, sound sleep. If you have never slept on the upper berth of a moving train, I urge you to do so. It will be the best sleep of your life! 🙂

My morning came with a polite knock on the coupe-door . The knock was by a smiling attendant carrying a plate of make-it-yourself tea and biscuits 😛

Bass ek cup chai mil jaati to………

Since it was winter the sun had not completely risen yet.
I sat and watched the sky light up gradually while sipping my tea.
Now if you have traveled in Duronto/Rajdhani etc you know they are serious about their food 🙂

Around 8 am another knock revealed a tray of assembled breakfast, loaded with bread, butter, omelette, veggies, milk and cornflakes! All nicely packed and arranged carefully.
Quite the spread huh? 😉

They even gave a chocolate 🙂

After finishing that elaborate breakfast I started reading my book, occasionally watching the beautiful scenery that my window had to offer. But to be completely honest I got more engaged by the view and how fast I moved rather than by my book!

Fleeting scenes <3

As I mentioned before, the railway is very serious about their food!
They kept on bringing it in various forms! First came a nice bowl of soup with bread-sticks and butter, then a lunch tray loaded with food enough for two people. ( Also, I swear they have the best ice-creams)

You would think it must be boring to just sit in the train for so long, but you’ll be surprised to find out how much peace the journey can bring.
To just sit and watch the world move past in fleeting moments was the most wonderful feeling.
We live in a world that moves too fast for us. And moments are over before we can really cherish them. To just slow down, reflect and find that calm was pure bliss.

And the food did not stop coming! 😀

After having a great tea and snacks in the afternoon, I was full and finally concentrating on my book! That is when the tray carrying a beautiful bowl of tomato soup arrived!

Look at that color!

You would be surprised at your own ability to digest food! Because shortly after hogging this soup with bread-sticks dinner was served. And I was able to actually finish that 😀

There was ice-cream after! 😀

I tried to stay awake and experience the sky, the motion for as long as possible. But staying awake in a moving train is more difficult than trying to stay awake in a meeting right after your 5 course team lunch! 😀

The comfort of this train ride was beyond my imagination.
If I was skeptical about one thing before getting on the train it was the toilet-situation.
But the clean and well-maintained washrooms really surprised me.

The next morning came with the realization that the journey was going to be over soon 🙁
But not before that polite and welcome knock which I had now grown accustomed to. I was lucky enough to enjoy one more sunrise along with the little joys of tearing the dairy creamer, mixing in the hot water, dipping the tea bag just right, and then sipping the tea I had just made 🙂

That cute biscuit packet needed to be in this blog 🙂

A few hours later as the train started nearing it’s destination, I started to feel the excitement of reaching a new city. But not without a tinge of sadness for the amazing journey that I just had.

Station approaching……

If you ask me if it was worth spending so much time on a journey that can be covered in 2 hours, I would say yes, totally.
Next time you have a day to spare for you vacation, take a train-ride, feel the time slow down, watch the bridges and rivers pass by, have a heart to heart chat with your co-passenger.
Confine yourself within you, I promise you will find freedom

Enough of busily completing your web-check in right before you get to the airport, dumping your luggage at the counter, plugging in you ear pods and shutting your eyes waiting for the journey to be over…

Why in so much hurry?

Let’s learn to enjoy the journey.. Enjoy the confinement while it’s there. Like all things, it will also come to an end.
After all, as a wise man once said, it’s a lot about the journey, and little about the destination 🙂

One journey ends as another one begins……. 🙂

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