All you need is…love?

All you need is…love?


This single four-letter-word has created an epidemic in mankind in history for as long as we can remember it. Sure, there was the struggle for power, but other than that the greatest reason why wars were fought and kingdoms were destroyed

So much so, that in the modern world there has been the need to declare a specific line of crime known as “crime of passion”, which categorizes crimes that are committed out of love or emotions induced by love such as jealousy, revenge etc.

Which leaves us confused and a bit lost to the whole concept of “love”. Whether we like it or not, over-dramatize it or not, we simply cannot ignore it’s existence.

For those of us who grew up watching Mr. Shahrukh Khan proclaiming his undying love for his on-screen heroines and dear Leo freezing in an ocean for his beloved “Rose” it becomes easy to make a larger-than-life interpretation of love.

This scene does not need an introduction! 😛

But is it true? Were the Beatles right? Is all you need happens to be just love?

In this era of consumerism where even personalized letters can be store-bought and perfumed is it possible to find something real? Read on if you want to know what I have learnt from life…

A snap taken outside a pub on Valentine’s Day

Most, If not all of us has fallen at least once in love. So you already know what I am talking about! The flutter in your stomach every time the person of interest passes by, the drop in your heart every time he/she shows a little bit of interest in someone else, the joy when they return your feeling..even the most cold-hearted of us have felt it.

It’s a happy day! when you two have declared your interest in each other and have accepted your feelings. Because it’s 2020, and for some messed up reason we have troubles coming to terms with our own feelings, let alone others! 😛

The next few days go in whirlwind, the rush of re-discovering places with your partner and stealing moments throughout the day and smiling like an idiot for no particular reason. You feel a sort of excitement and energy that drives you like a magnet! You are good at whatever you do. You excel! You do all sorts of crazy things together 🙂 Life’s good!

Most of our movies ideally ends here. Boy meets girl, they like each other, they solve whatever obstructs them from being together, it ends happily, right?

What happily ever after might look like!


This is where the story begins. The whirlwind lasts a few months. Thanks to our lust for an Instagram-story-worthy-social-life and the fancy cafes, pubs and restaurants that keep popping up in every metro city in every corner it might last an year.

Isn’t it pretty?

But then “reality” starts creeping inside the bubble! Whatever issues you were ignoring till now starts becoming a bit more important. Paying attention to the little details like when does your partner’s face light up or how they get uncomfortable at certain situations start becoming a little less important. And little by little the distance creeps in. Before we know it we start visiting that new intern’s profile on social media often and stop communicating instead of resolving issues with our partner.

It seems a “logical” and “civil” option to just avoid the mess and walk away. Since walking away is so easy for us now. We do not have to be alone on Valentine’s Day, thanks to our “apps” that promises us that “true love” is just one right swipe away 🙂 And the cycle begins again.

And we got a date!

I am not saying something is right or wrong. I am surprised at my own generation and how easily we give up on each other once the excitement dies.

We end relationships, marriages even, because it needs a bit more of our attention, our time, us. We have completely moved past the age where wives used to wait for a single letter from their husbands, fighting away at a battlefield. We have moved past declaring war against a nation for the sake of love. We have become properly and completely “civilized“.

I am asking you to answer yourself honestly. Is it the same every time? Does this new person send your heart on a roller-coaster ride like the one before? Can excitement replace genuine passion?

If not so….then next time your love demands a bit more of you, even if it demands all of you, instead of getting irritated remember the first special memory just the two of you shared.

Remember the first time you wanted that person like anything. Remember your first walk in the rain, the first secret you shared just with them, and how they kept it.

Remember those moments you stole away from the world. And how sad your first fight had made you. Remember all the times you connected over lame jokes or bad music 😛

I understand and can relate to, that we have immense pressure in our fast-moving urban lives. And we use love as an escape from all of it. The temporary excitement that it brings takes our attention off our current problems and we float away with it. We make it larger than our lives.

But we run away as soon as it shows us that it is just as big as life. Neither bigger, nor smaller. Instead of solving the problems that come with it, we expect it to solve all our existing problems. And when it doesn’t, we lose interest 🙁

It bothers me when our grandparents boasts of 60 years of togetherness, our parents boast of 30 years! And we can hardly pull-off one or two 😛

So let’s show them that our generation too can pull a 50! That death can be the only thing that can part two people..Let’s go back to being old school, and invest ourselves a little more in our love. And who knows..maybe Beatles was right! Maybe all that you need is love 🙂

Happy Valentine’s day..and every other day with a little bit of love in it 🙂

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