Desi Christmas

Desi Christmas


O the merry times! The chilly weather, the festive colors, the smell of fresh-baked fruit cakes..don’t we all love Christmas!

Agreed, it’s not a festival originated in India, but since when do we differentiate! Almost every bong-originated Indian like myself has a fond memory of visiting St Paul’s in Park Street or standing in queue in front of Nahoum’s for that perfect plum cake during Christmas 🙂

Since I moved to Bangalore I have felt a void, a yearning for the colors, the madness that overcomes my “city of joy” during these days.

So this time I decided to go on a quest to find the best bakery in Bangalore which has passed the test of quality over the time and has’nt compromised on it’s taste! (see-what-I-did-there!! 😉 )

With a little help from my friends who are born n brought up in Bangalore I made a list of 5 authentic Bangalore bakeries and went to try each n every one of them! Read on to find out which was best according to me!

  1. V.B. Bakery
  2. O.G.Variar & Sons
  3. Koshy’s Bakery
  4. Thom’s Bakery
  5. Albert Bakery
Hot-cross-buns at V.B.Bakery!

The first one I went to was the legendary VB Bakery located in Vishweshpura. They provided an array of mouth-watering items like Khara-bun, veg-puffs, honey cakes and a variety of both sweet and savory biscuits. The plum cake was rich and delicious, one of the best I’ve ever had.

O.G.Variar & Sons: for the softest sponge cakes!

Next on the list and a few metro-stops away was O.G.Variar & Sons. Another of the oldest gems of Bangalore. If you have’nt had their sponge cake and milk biscuits yet drop whatever you are doing and go try it. I brought along a few packets of milk biscuits and nipattu and I am already through them! 😛 They also make a nice fruit puff which was yummy to my taste buds but if you’re not a fan of coconut you may skip it!

the oldest of all (???) Koshy’s..

Coming to the renowned Koshy’s located in St. Mark’s Road, East Bangalore, famous for decades now, we found that they had decided to remain closed on this particular day!

However, I have been to this place on multiple occasions thereafter and I can vouch for their delightful breads and baguettes and different types of puffs and sandwiches. The food here is fresh and flavorsome. This is arguably the first automated bakery of Bangalore and has definitely earned and kept it’s reputation.

To help with the ‘Muffin-tops’- Thom’s Bakery 🙂

Thom’s Bakery and supermarket located near Frazer Town was next up on the line 🙂

As the name suggests it’s a bakery and also a supermarket. The place was absolutely buzzing with crowd and people were savoring pies and cakes right outside the shop.

I went right in and after some struggle came out with a box containing choco-chip muffin, cinnamon bun and chicken pie!

According to me, this place did not live up to expectations as far as taste is concerned. The pie was dry and the cinnamon bun was doughy and chewy. The muffin was the only thing that tasted good!

A pleasant surprise- Albert Bakery 😉

After the not-so-ecstatic experience at Thom’s we went on to the other renowned bakery located in Frazer town called Albert Bakery.

I particularly wanted to try their mutton puffs since I had heard a lot about them. The puffs were soft and fluffy, as puffs should be, but they had very little to no amount of mutton present in them!

We had also ordered a few mini samosas which also turned out to be extremely oily. I was almost returning with disappointment when I spotted these golden colored beautiful pieces of sweets placed in a corner at the shop 🙂

These were a local sweet make of pumpkin known as “Dumroot”, I learned from the shopkeeper! I took one and the first bite washed away all my disappointment and filled my taste buds with joy! They were really very well made and tasty, whatever they are made of ..(don’t let the pumpkin scare you 🙂 )

And I returned home with my bag filled with a load of puffs, nippats, biscuits, plum-cakes and happiness 🙂

The Day’s collection 🙂

If you have to ask me, O.G.Variar and sons was a clear winner at baking cakes with V.B Bakery being a close second. I am planning to make a visit soon in search of their milk-biscuits 🙂

So next time you wonder where to get your Christmas plum cake from, the Bakeries in Bangalore near you await with delicious treats ready for you to visit and stuff yourselves 😀

Merry Christmas 🙂

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